An American Interest Towards a Better Foreign Policy

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About Us

Promoting Change in the U.S. Foreign Policy

The National Interest Foundation (NIF) is a nonpartisan think tank organization dedicated to furthering the national interests of the United States by emphasizing the need to create a better foreign policy through building better and stronger relationships with the rest of the world.

Founded in 2018, NIF functions as an anti-war, anti-military intervention, and pro-dialogue advocate. We wish to strengthen understanding on foreign policy matters  by having productive and meaningful talks with NIF members, government officials, business executives, journalists and media representatives, educators and students, civic and religious leaders, and other interested citizens.


To help better understand the world and foreign policy choices facing the United States and other countries, NIF works with national and international officials and experts in various fields from different regions across the globe on matters that include:

Global Health & Development

Defense & Security

Human Rights

Economics, Trade & Commerce

Technology, Culture, & Social Issues

Energy & Sustainability


Our Mission

At the National Interest Foundation, we are passionate about furthering the national interests of the United States through stronger understanding of foreign policy issues and diplomacy with countries around the world. Foreign Policy is crucial to the development of a nation and at NIF, we know countries can effectively and efficiently progress by maintaining positive relationships with their global neighbors.

As the world transitions to a new age of information, the U.S will need to develop a robust yet agile foreign policy – one that fits the reality of the Information Age. With rising forces of globalization, economic integration, and technological advancement, our nonpartisan organization wants to emphasize greater cooperation with our neighbors across the globe in better influencing the future of foreign policy.

To achieve this goal, NIF carries out its mission by

Engaging U.S policymakers and opinion leaders in discussion through regularly held events and conferences in Washington, D.C. and other strategic locations.

Maintaining a diverse membership and environment to allow free and ranging opinions and ideas to flourish.

Supporting and offering opportunities for the current and future generations to promote their interests and expertise through internships, fellowships, workshops, and other programs in sustaining our mission.

Providing current and knowledgeable information and analysis about world events and U.S foreign policy on its website,