Students across Bangladesh protested in droves following the murder of an engineering student in Dhaka. The student, Abrar Fahad, had recently posted on Facebook criticizing the government of Bangladesh for export deals signed with India. Authorities believe that the murder was carried out by the Bangladesh Chhatra Party, a student wing of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s ruling party, the Awami League. Hasina has promised to bring the perpetrators to justice, and eleven students have been arrested in connection with the killing. However, that did not dissuade students and faculty from universities in Dhaka, Chittagong, and Rajshahi from holding vigils and demanding justice. Multiple students from Fahad’s university in Dhaka, the Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology, gave statements to local media detailing their experience in the residence halls, in which they were afraid to speak their mind for fear of reprisal from the Bangladesh Chhatra Party. Students also criticized leadership at the university for not doing more to prevent violence, saying it was commonplace. Student-led protests are not uncommon in Bangladesh, where there was a youth movement last year to improve road conditions. In that case, students were beaten with sticks and machetes by the student wing of the Awami League. 

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