Reports and Analysis

Here are summary reports on relevant panel discussions and other analytic pieces.

The Trump Era Withdrawal from the JCPOA: Understanding the State of Nuclear Talks with Iran

By Benjamin Souza, Contributing Writer for the National Interest Foundation Introduction The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), commonly known ...
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Trump and Saudi Arabia: How the Trump Administration’s Business Dealings Emboldened Saudi Human Rights Abuses

Introduction During a trip to Saudi Arabia back in May of 2017, former President Donald Trump exhibited the first signs ...
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The Death of Democracy in Tunisia? If Freedom Dies, Extremism Rises

By Khaled Saffuri, President at the National Interest Foundation A decade ago, corrupt Tunisian police repeatedly harassed a 26-year-old street ...
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Israel’s Decades-Long Campaign of Land Theft in Illegally-Occupied Palestinian Territory

For decades, Israel has incessantly expanded its presence beyond its recognized borders through land confiscations and the establishment of unlawful ...
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