Over the past few months, violent protests have erupted in Haiti calling for the resignation of President Moïse and an end to government corruption in the country. The first round of protests occurred in February 2019; however, a more recent round of protests started in September 2019 and have quickly turned deadly. Tens of thousands of protesters have brought transportation in the country to a standstill with barricaded streets and high turnout at demonstrations in the streets. Protesters have also been using increasingly violent tactics including burning buildings, looting police stations, and attacking police trying to keep the peace at demonstrations. Police have responded to protesters with tear gas to quell particularly violent demonstrations. The protests have inadvertently collapsed the Haitian economy, plunging the country into further chaos, many Haitians are unable to buy food, fuel, and water, most of them living off one to two dollars a week. International aid groups are expressing growing concerns as supply routes for aid have been cut off by the protests and they are unable to move food and first aid to towns that need it most. Recently, protests in Haiti have lost momentum though there has been no serious concessions made by the government.

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