A World on Fire



Thursday, October 4th, large scale protests erupted in major cities across Ecuador. The protesters were predominantly people employed in the transportation sector who are upset that President Moreno has moved…



The Spanish government incensed the northern autonomous region of Catalonia when it imprisoned leaders of the Catalan separatist movement for sentences spanning between nine and thirteen years. The jailed leaders…



Protests, the largest since the 2013 military coup, have taken place in Cairo and across Egypt demanding the fall of Abdel Fattah el-Sisi in late September due to discontent over…



On October 18, 2019 Juan Antonio Hernandez, a former Honduran congressman and brother of the current Honduran president, Juan Orlando Hernandez, was found guilty of state sponsored drug trafficking. Over…



Demonstrators in Russia are demanding an end to the policy of arbitrarily imprisoning opposition politicians. Tens of thousands of people from a myriad of opposition parties have demonstrated in Moscow,…



Students across Bangladesh protested in droves following the murder of an engineering student in Dhaka. The student, Abrar Fahad, had recently posted on Facebook criticizing the government of Bangladesh for…


South Africa

In South Africa, femicide is five times higher than the global average and South African women are demanding a change. On September 1st at the conference center for the World…


London, England

Anti-Brexit protests have become more frequent in recent weeks, as the October 31 deadline for the United Kingdom to leave the European Union looms. Anti-Brexit campaigners, aided by the British…


Puerto Rico

After becoming embroiled in a text message controversy over the summer, Ricardo Rossello resigned his position as Governor of Puerto Rico. Governor Rossello, Secretary of State Luis Rivera Marin, and…



The Serbian political environment has been fraught with tension in recent months, as opposition activists demand a free press and fair elections in the Eastern European nation. Demonstrations have been…



Anti-Russian sentiment hit the Georgian capital of Tbilisi hard, with Georgians infuriated over a parliamentary speech given by a Russian lawmaker. Relations are frosty between the two nations, having fought…


London, England

British police ordered Extinction Rebellion activists to stop their demonstrations immediately or face arrest, issuing a London-wide ban on the group’s climate change protests. Extinction Rebellion holds their so-called “Autumn…



Four weeks after beginning to strike, teachers in Jordan returned to work on October 6. Educators across the country took to the streets to voice their displeasure with the government…



Protests in Venezuela began in January 2019 and are ongoing in an attempt to oust Nicholas Maduro from the presidency. Initial protests drew tremendous international attention as protesters gathered behind…


Jerusalem, Palestine, Israel

Protests have occurred in Israel and Palestine over the past few weeks as Palestinians are raising their voices about the treatment of a detained Palestinian prisoner. Al-Arbid, a Palestinian, has…


United States

The United States has been gripped by many different protests in 2019. Two main types of protests have erupted in the U.S. against big corporations and against the government. Protesters…

Symbolic protester in Sudan's capital, Khartoum, wears a long white dress and golden moon earrings


Sudan has been rocked by protests since December 2018, leading to the ousting of President Omar al-Bashir. The Bashir Government was working to impose emergency austerity measures to fight off…

Participants of a Kurdish demonstration against the Turkish military offensive in Northern Syria demonstrate in Cologne, Germant, Saturday, Oct.19, 2019.  (Fabian Strauch/dpa via AP)

Northern Syria

A United Nations-backed council tasked with creating a new constitution for the country has chosen to not include a representative of the Kurdish population in Northeast Syria. Thousands of Kurds…


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